Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Welcome to the Daniel Lioneye blog Ladies and Dudes!

Want to know what DL is up to? We've put together this blog to give you exclusive news, stories and pictures; as well as bring all of your street teams and unquestionable support together to make one big Daniel Lioneye community! 

We'll be updating this page along DL's travels, and what they get up to on the way!

Don't forget though, we would love you to be involved in this page too! We want to spread the word of the hard work you have been doing for Daniel Lioneye, send your stories and pictures to 'email' and we will post them on the blog as a big thank you for your incredible support!


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  2. Aw wow, I love this site. It is so truely kind to know how much you apperiate the fan's such as myself, It does me the world. Thank you Linde for being such a lovely person. I hope everything goes great over in America, You guy's sounded incrediable supporting Turisas. I hope you will get to come to the UK at some point this year, even it's for one show. I will be there, & thank you for signing my King Of Rock N' Roll Album & photo' it's now framed & hanging on wall. Lot's of Love, takecare x

  3. Nice to see DL embracing Blogger. Since I left FB I've missed you guys! Hope all is well, you should come to the UK at least once this year just so I have  an excuse to put on the Mr Death outfit.

    Mr Death

  4. Daniel Lioneye is back! I like it!